Thursday, June 01, 2006

Into open arms...

Thanks guys and gals...for making me feel right back at home in bloggerland:) I never had a doubt! It's good to hear (or see) some familiar names here, just like old friends! I should be working right now (story of a blogger's life huh?) but I can't seem to focus on anything right now.

I need to be schmoozing with local politicians and getting ready to help with some campaigning. I should also be working on our website, creating a new ad for next week, putting together a media package, getting our newsletter ready, sending out a press release, and coming up with talking points for a big local "issue" that has arisen in our city. As you can see, my job is quite the smorgasbord of activities. Always busy, don't have a chance to be bored or blog or do anything else we're supposed to have time to do at work!

No, I don't work "in" politics per se, but am involved in them quite heavily in my position at the organization where I work. I stepped into an entirely new arena in my career. Yes, I'm still doing the creative and advertising stuff, but I'm also in charge of governmental affairs. Never knew I'd like doing anything involving politics but I guess we learn something new about ourselves all the time!

So, I just needed to goof off for a little while and let the whirlwind in my head clear out and put all those things into "thought files" for now. Then I can take them out one by one and bust it all out. Oh yeah....and did I tell you I have an ASSistant now!?! Sweet!


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