Friday, February 17, 2006

Just a little update...and enjoy my new music:)

Things are going ok over here...I making my way through all of this. I'm keeping my head up and my plan is moving forward as I hoped. As soon as everything works itself out I can explain, but I've become too superstitious of the jinx;)

I think I did some damage to my eardrum on Valentine's Day...although I have to say I probably had the best Valentine's Day...well ever!

...Despite being slightly molested by a tall, gangly fellow who insisted on buying us drinks and then took the acceptance of said drinks as an open invitation to grab me from behind, drape his arms around me and kiss me. It was certainly not invited and not wanted, but I let him know in the not so friendliest fashion that doing something like that could really get him hurt...

Then I proceeded to thoroughly enjoy the rest of my night. We went to watch a band play (myself and a bunch of friends) and I ended up right in front near the speaker (because the singer was totally cute of course) and my ear is, as of right now, still ringing. That's when you know you're old....the music was probably too loud from my old eardrum;)

We spent the rest of the evening laughing till our faces and our stomachs hurt. I don't think I've laughed that hard in ages, I really needed it. It was a blast. Is it ironic that the best Valentine's I've ever had was as a singleton? Nah...I don't think so.

SO I hope everyone is doing well...I may have visited your sites lately but I haven't really been commenting at all. Just wanting to keep up slightly with all of you and hope things are good.

Oh, and check this out....ridiculous!(click on "watch this movie")

Until next time.


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