Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's your 20?

I have been on hiatus... and no guarantee that I'm back for good, but it was funny going back and reading my blog after all these years. The boredom set in so I decided I'd recall fond memories of the blogging community. I did notice that much of my posts began with "I went to this party last night..." or "I went out drinking..." Ahhh... to be young again;)

It's weird to be writing on here again. I feel like the cleverness I used to possess and was so inspired by my fellow bloggers is no longer present! And now, I shall give a short life update.

What I'm doing:
  • Still working at the same place... it's going well and taking me to Ft. Lauderdale next week!
  • Currently in the process of watching 6 Feet Under, as I never watched it during it's run.
  • Just started dating a good prospect... that's all I'll say
  • Still seeing as many movies as possible
  • Reading lots o' books
  • Lots of other stuff that's cool and impressive;)

What I'm wearing:

  • Currently, I'm wearing about 2 sizes smaller than I was 6 months ago!
  • My hair is super dark and I'm wearing it mid-length with an undercut
  • Braces... STILL... and now I get to look even more like a 14 year old girl because I have rubber bands!

What I'm saying:

  • Apparently, I like to say "apparently" alot
  • I cannot stop saying "no worries"... what am I, Australian?
  • Holla! I know... just shoot me now!
  • (This may not count, because I only said it once) Boo ya. Yes. I said that.

Where I'm living:

  • Still in good 'ol El Paso... hoping that changes sometime in the near future.
  • Living in some swanky digs (i.e. some new apartments that are way to expensive for this city) with my longtime best friend
  • Planet Earth

What else is happening:

  • All of my friends are off in other cities and I'm left here solo to dwell on life's little shit bombs
  • I've started writing a book and have some fantastic ideas that are flowing like red, hot, molten lava
  • I'm starting to freelance writing and graphic design
  • I've become a "Competent Communicator"... nuff said
  • I have finally become a woman (made you reread that, didn't I?)

And that, my friends, is all she wrote. Boo ya.


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