Wednesday, December 19, 2007

They forgot to tell me it rained up here

So, we've been having some crazy weather... as a lot of the other parts of the country have had, I know. The thing is, I come from the desert and I have yet to understand what this cold, wet stuff is falling from the sky in sheets is. Anybody have any ideas? Apparently it causes people to drive ridiculously and without any defense whatsoever... I'm going to google this phenomenon and see what I come up with.

On another note... apparently the meth problem in this area of the country is out of control. I actually read the other day that legislation that banned the sale of cold and allergy medicines to just any Joe Blow without signing something (or something) has actually increased the amount of meth sold/used here. Nice going. Now the Mexican mafia has a hold on yet another drug market. What's up with that? Billy Joe Bob and Bubba Jean just don't have the smarts necessary to cook it up and sell it off... they end up smokin' the stash or blowing themselves up.

There was a story in the paper from my neighboring community where a man, just admitted into the training program for a local police department, was practicing taking apart his gun (albeit not one issued by PD yet) and "accidentally" shot his wife in the stomach. Talk about bad timing. I'm not discounting the story or anything... but I'd say his chances of making "Model student" status are all but shot (no pun intended).

And finally, I've made my way around the city of Portland, though I've barely even scratched the surface here. There are some fantastic places, some great eateries, some cool ass stores, and some crazy bars... neither rain nor rain nor rain keeps people inside at home. I need to get used to that and stop thinking of it as "cozy, stay at home on the couch and watch a movie weather" otherwise I'm destined to be a hermit for the entire expanse of winter!

And that folks, is all for now.


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